Are you a couple wanting to start your family? However, are you currently experiencing some difficulties in conceiving? If you are, then please let us at MedCal Pharmacy help you out. We are a fertility medication pharmacy in Bay Pkwy. Brooklyn New York, and with us, you can rest assured that your fertilization journey will be comfortable and affordable as well.

Some of the wonderful services that we offer at MedCal Pharmacy are the following:

1. Fertility Medications. Despite being a top fertility medication pharmacy in Bay Pkwy. Brooklyn New York, we still aim to make our services and products to be as affordable as possible. We understand how expensive the fertilization process can be and this is why we offer affordable solutions that you can choose from.

Some of the fertility medications that we offer include: Endometrium 100MG Insert for as low as $6.00/insert! We also offer Menopur 75iu Vial at $75/vial; CetrotideInj Kit 0.25mg at $95; OvidrelPrefSyr 250 mcg/.5 ml at $85; and so much more!

2. Auto RX. At MedCal Pharmacy, we offer anautomatic refill of your prescriptions! You just need to enroll in our Auto Rx Refillprogram to avail of this service. Enrolling is easy! You just need to fill out our online form at

3. Compounding. At MedCal Pharmacy, we understand that each aspiring mother has individual and unique needs. This is why we offer compounding services. Before we start compounding, we will be asking you some questions about your fertility medications. We would like to knowif your physician has recommended anything specific and we can go from there.

If you already have an existing compounding prescription, please bring it with you when you visit our fertility medication pharmacy in Bay Pkwy Brooklyn New York. Our dedicated staff will gladly prepare the unique medications that you need.

4. Free home deliveries.If you don’t live near our fertility medication pharmacy in Bay Pkwy Brooklyn New York, don’t worry! At MedCal Pharmacy, we offer free home deliveries for your convenience! Just make sure to completely fill out the delivery form found at our website.

These are just 4 of the wonderful services that we offer. In order to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through: Phone: 718-331-2200; Fax: 718-331-2202; or Email:

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