Since you have requested it, we have gathered another 5 fertility myths that were debunked. So without any further ado, here are another 5 of these myths that we want to share with you:

Myth #1: The only way to conceive is doing it missionary style.
Admit it; having sex the vanilla way can be very boring. Sometimes, you may want to add excitement to the scene by adding some black pepper. But when you are trying to have a baby, you may have heard that doing it missionary style is the only way to conceive. The good news is, it does not have to be missionary to conceive. You can try any positions and not worry on the conceiving part for positions do not matter in conception.

Myth #2: Eating yams have a high probability of causing you to conceive twins.
Yams are infamous for the belief that a pregnant woman who will eat it will conceive twins. It was believed that yam is the reason for the high rates (one of the highest in the world) of twin births in the African village of Igbo-Ora since the people from the mentioned tribe in Africa are crazy about yams. A research done by a Yale student has yet to be confirmed before it will be proven that yam indeed is the solution for those couples who were wishing twins.

Myth #3: If you chug cough syrup, it will help you conceive.
A common ingredient found in any cough syrup named “guaifenesin” was believed to be a great help to those women who wanted to conceive a baby. This little falsehood has been making ruckus since the 80’s and we should put an end to this false theory now. Although a study from 1982 has considered the guaifenesin to be a potential fertility booster since it has the ability to thin out cervical mucus in the same way it thins the mucus in your nose, which in turn provides a direct passage for sperm to your egg cells. However, please don’t go swallowing cough syrup just for the sake of fertility. Keep in mind that you’re also taking in things like antihistamine and know that guaifenesin isn’t the only ingredient you’ll be chugging down, so think twice before believing that wacky piece of advice and just laugh it off, unless you have a cough.

Myth #4: Being on the pill for a long period of time will delay pregnancy.
Many people used to believe that using pills for a long period of time would not get you pregnant or delay your pregnancy. Well, the great news is that this rumor is proven false. It was proven that once you stopped taking your prescribed pills, the rate of your cycle will get back on track pretty much right away for mostly over a week. For those users of prescribed pills, you can expect to ovulate once again within just a few weeks after ditching your pill; under the condition of just the pill working though and disregarding any other condition that may be going on. Studies also show that 80 percent of women after ditching their pill get better chances of getting pregnant.

Myth #5: You’ll get pregnant after adopting a baby.
This is also another rumor out there that gets women to believe and sometimes arise to baseless superstition. Although this isn’t true, in some rare cases, there is indeed a woman or a couple who have adopted a baby which results to the woman conceiving her child. But this is not always the case and that case was just dismissed as coincidental.

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