When you are asking for people for advice or surf the internet, you will find many outrageous myths there is. Today, we would like to share and talk to you about fertility myths and how funny they sound.

So it may be the time to grab some popcorn and get ready to explore 5 myths that were debunked:

Myth #1: In order to conceive, you need to orgasm.
When a woman orgasm during sex, it is a very pleasant experience but chances are, it has no relation to being able to conceive. If a woman orgasms, it is only contracting the uterus therefore it helps to quicken the pace of travel of the sperm towards the fallopian tube. But even if you do not orgasm, you will still be able to conceive a baby. So the effort has not been a waste! Thank goodness.

Myth #2: You will become more fertile if you swallow semen.
Wow. This fact is just… wow. Although sperms have wacky benefits, contain a lot of protein and is composed of fructose, so yeah… But do you really believe on this lie; that swallowing semen will make you more fertile? We have got to award the guy who started this rumor for his creativity. The truth is: no studies have thrown a thumb up in the correlation of fertility and swallowing semen. Note to husbands: there are more creative and sexy ways of asking your wife for a BJ instead of straight up lying to them for it. We are just saying.

Myth #3: Breastfeeding is equals to birth control.
This one is a very old myth and your parent may be familiar of this one. This myth gained its popularity in the old folks because of the fact that breastfeeding delays a woman’s period and can keep a woman period-free in a longer time therefore you may equal it to less fertility. Although it may sound legit this is no applicable to all women in general therefore is not the best way to control birth.

According to breastfeeding experts, to tell whether breastfeeding considerably cuts back on your fertility, the following must be present:

1. Complete lack of period ever since delivery. Do not count light bleeding or spotting.
2. Breastfeeding your baby on demand. This should be from day to night and includes not feeding him or her any other foods or liquids in a regular basis.
3. Baby must be less than six months old.
But even with the mentioned guidelines, know that you may still have a 1.2% chance of getting pregnant.

Myth #4: Lift your legs in the air for 20 minutes after having sex to increase your fertility. 
This is not only limited to lifting your legs in the air but also includes handstands. While this may be a good-sounding theory, this is debunked as a myth. The logic of this myth is that lifting your legs up may help the sperm cells get a direct route towards your eggs and therefore, avoid spilling. But remember, sperms are already programmed to travel directly to your eggs. Raising your legs for 20 minutes will only numb your feet. Yes, sperm defies gravity and if you are still not sure about this, note that that each time a guy ejaculates; he is letting out 20 to 0 million sperms. If these little swimmers leaks out while you are having sex, there is more that have already swam to your baby-maker.

Myth #5: Stop drinking alcohol for it can harm your fertility.
While this one has a ray of truth to it, it is still considered a myth. Once you drink a lot of alcohol, it can indeed affect your menstruation cycle and therefore conceiving but one thing is for sure, if you only have a glass or two, it will never affect your chances of conceiving.

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