Trying to get pregnant can be very stressful and expensive for many couples who wish for nothing but to begin their very own family together. Perhaps one reason why you could be having trouble is that your lifestyle and habits are hampering your fertility. Here are five different and easy ways you can make conceiving more likely:

  • Avoid overconsumption of unhealthy foodThat means going easy on coffee! Studies have linked too much caffeine with reduced fertility, but 200 mg of caffeine or two cups a day should be fine.

    Steer your diet towards foods that increase your fertility and therefore your chances of getting pregnant, such as foods rich in protein, vitamins, and iron. Ask your doctor for a more precise diet plan for you and your partner, as well as possible multivitamins you can take.

  • Quit your vicesThis is talking about you, cigarettes and alcohol! The harm with smoking is that it causes your ovaries to age dramatically, as well as damages your eggs and interfering with fertilization. Apart from this, when you do get pregnant, especially without noticing your pregnancy at first, your smoking habits can harm your baby.

    Alcohol also interferes with estrogen levels, making it harder for you to have a regular cycle. The key here is moderation. Having a glass every now and then is fine.

  • Keep an eye on your cycleYou and your partner can always try to conceive during the optimum days of your cycle by using the calendar method. Your best shot is during the day of your ovulation and five days before that. Keep in mind, however, that every woman is different, so are the menstrual cycles. Talk to your OB-GYN to get to know your cycle better.
  • Crack up the bedroom quality time!Have plenty of sex – and have it often! This is one of the best ways you can get pregnant. Make sure not to do it every day to the point where it stresses the both of you out though, there should be nothing but love and romance, not pressure and stress. Doing the deed every few days should be fine and sufficient in increasing your chances.
  • Take fertility medicationFertility medication helps to regulate ovulation and create a balance of hormones that, in turn, generates a favorable environment for conception, and these may be a good method to increase your fertility and odds of getting pregnant.

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