Television ads would use topless men with sexy, toned, and buffed bodies, running aimlessly on a shore with hairs dancing harmoniously with the wind as they drive their speedboats. And as they charismatically eye the lady behind every television screens, the narrator would say, “Do you have a decreased sex drive? Are you experiencing moodiness? Fatigue? You may have a low testosterone levels.”

These ads are a triumph by itself, moving men with low “T” problems. Most men are experiencing an epidemic of low testosterone levels, while some women are struggling with having too much. MedCal PharmacyFertility Medication Pharmacy in Bay Pkwy. Brooklyn New York, shares these natural methods to help right-size your “T” levels:

  • Eat healthy fats and proteins
    Science keeps on telling, “Cholesterol is the building block of testosterone” and eating good cholesterol will help in maintaining a healthy hormone balance. So start taking a good dose of healthy fats and proteins.
  • Chew on cruciferous vegetables
    Cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, Brussels sprouts, watercress, and cauliflower are high sources of glucobrassicin. This substance helps in lowering your levels of visceral fats and in suppressing unwanted estrogen in men.
  • Consume more zinc
    Testosterone production requires more zinc. Indulge in oysters! They’re more than just a tasty treat. Oysters contain the highest amount of zinc. Other zinc-rich foods are lean meats and spinach.
  • Increase your vitamin D intake
    Low “T” levels are directly proportional to low vitamin D levels. Enjoy a 15-minute sunbath three times a week to even out your vitamin D. If you can’t get enough sun, you can take vitamin D supplements with 1,000 to 2,000 IU daily. And also, choose vitamin D3 – it’s more active than D2.
  • Free yourself from those visceral fats
    Men’s body fat depletes testosterones. We’re not talking about a squishable love handles or a pressable back fat. We’re talking about the classic belly fat. Visceral fats lie in the deepest corners of your abdomen around the organs. It’s dangerous and risky to your overall health. Save your testosterone levels by avoiding visceral fat-causing foods such as flour, sugar, and high-glycemic processed foods.
  • Get a daily exercise routine
    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is today’s epidemic choice of exercise for men. Not only does it give you that television-ad-bod but it can also trigger your body to produce more testosterone. You can also get the same effect with strength trainings too.
  • Get a good sleep
    Our bodies produce and replenish testosterones while we sleep. With a solid eight hours, you can amp up that testosterone level. Quit (or limit) those morning the night hangouts with friends, choose to hit the sack early. Start having a sleep habit. You’ll thank yourself later.

With your commitment and consistency, you can help your body in boosting your testosterone levels. MedCal Pharmacy is here to help you achieve your desired “T” levels! We have a Fertility Medication Pharmacy in Bay Pkwy. Brooklyn New Yorkit’ll be your best shop for a revolutionary “T”.
For more information, you can call MedCal Pharmacy directly at 718-331-2200, or visit our Fertility Medication Pharmacy in Bay Pkwy. Brooklyn New York. Do you have additional testosterone tweaks you can share? Comment down below!

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