Being a pregnant woman is one of the scariest things to experience. You will always have to be on your toes. Your eyes must be constantly peeled. Your senses must be razor sharp. With all the changes happening to your body, you are expected to remain calm. Practically, you have to be Wonder Woman or any other superhero of the same caliber.

While the process of bearing a child is undeniably tedious, all your efforts will pay off the moment you successfully bring your little angel to the world. To decrease any chances of pregnancy difficulties (or defects), it is best to avoid the following:

  1. Excessive exercise.
    Physical fitness does not exempt pregnant women from breaking a sweat or two. Moving around and stretching some muscles is essential for an easier and healthier labor. However, extensive and excessive exercise might put the mother and child’s life in danger. To know the best regimen for you, talk to a reliable fitness expert.
  2. Sun beds.
    Though having a golden bronze skin is very pretty and picture-ready, it is best to wait to hop in a sun bed after the delivery. During pregnancy, the skin becomes more sensitive. The likelihood of getting burnt is higher. It is important to note that sun beds radiate UV lights. As found by countless researchers, UV rays may deal internal damages to the unborn child that are not reversible.
  3. Raw meat.
    Pregnant women are famous for their random (and sometimes bizarre) food cravings. However, one should practice restraint if the food that you want is not healthy for your pregnancy. One of the biggest examples is raw meat. Doctors discourage partaking the same because the chance of contamination is high. With no to very little food preparation procedure, bacteria and viruses may be present.
  4. Paint.
    It is normal to get excited about the upcoming baby. When you decide to personally take a part in designing the baby’s room, never pick up the paintbrush. Being exposed to paint and thinners is dangerous for your pregnancy. While painting, the atmosphere is filled with pure toxicity. Better yet, let another person do the job.
  5. Coffee overload.
    One to two cups of coffee daily are known to unlock potential energy and aid healthy digestion. However, the third cup may already produce deteriorating effects, especially to pregnant women. Known consequences include faster pulse rate, high blood pressure, and even irregular bowel movements.

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