Do you wish to be a parent soon? Have you been waiting to conceive your little one? Are you having a hard time getting pregnant?

Medcal Pharmacy has listed some of the possible reasons why you are not conceiving yet.

  • Too much stress. Among the probable factors which are keeping us from getting pregnant is stress. Thinking of getting pregnant too much and pressuring our bodies could affect our natural process of fertilization. Our responsibilities at work also have this similar effect.This is the reason why physicians would always recommend that we take time to relieve our stress before trying to get pregnant again. We could try leaving work behind and going on a vacation. This way, we would be mentally and physically ready to get pregnant.
  • Not enough sleep. We need sleep so our bodies could rest. Without the needed hours of sleep, our bodies feel tired, our immune system becomes weak, and we become vulnerable to infections which can affect our fertility. Thus, our doctors would always remind us to get plenty of sleep if we are trying to conceive.
  • Inappropriate calculation of cycle. Women must always keep track of our cycle so we could take note of the days when we are fertile- the days when we have the highest chance of getting pregnant. Without understanding our cycle appropriately, it would be difficult to measure when we should have intercourse with our spouses in order to conceive. We should also keep in mind that the sperms can stay for three days in the cervix, so intercourse three days before fertility would also give us a better chance of conception.
  • Unhealthy weight. Being underweight and overweight has the same negative effect on our fertility. An undernourished or underweight body hinders our reproductive system to ovulate properly. Meanwhile, being too heavy could also result to irregular ovulation. So keeping a healthy weight through a healthy diet and an exercise routine could increase our chances of having a baby.
  • Underlying health problems. Health conditions and particular medications can result in infertility in both men and women. Undiagnosed diabetes, thyroid imbalance, and some autoimmune diseases adversely affect our capability to ovulate. Taking medications such as steroids can also lead to infertility. Hence, when we visit our doctor, we should disclose all health problems and medications we are taking to help them assess our overall capacity to conceive. Some might prescribe certain drugs from a Fertility Pharmacy in New York to counter the adverse effects of these conditions or treatments.

Conceiving is not easy for others. When we are given that opportunity, we have to accept it openly. We have to make sure that we are prepared to give life to a new human. So if you are looking for a place with Cheap Fertility Drug Prices where you can buy your vitamin needs, contact Medcal Pharmacy at 718-331-2200.

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